Recent Portraits and Editorial!

A selection of assignments and recent shots from the tail end of last year that I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet. 

Author Morgan Babst for her upcoming book ‘The Floating World’.

Julie Lacour

Actress Elise Berggreen.

Frank Wilklow, MD, Cardiovascular Disease Physician

Lawyers - New Orleans Magazine

New Orleans Film Festival

I’ve been covering the New Orleans Film Festival since 2012 and It’s always a blast! Here are just a few samples from the Red Carpet and Q+A’s this year! 

I’ve been covering the New Orleans Film Festival since 2012 and It’s always a blast! Here are just a few samples from the Red Carpet and Q+A’s this year! 

Jessica Biel - Book Of Love Screening

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake - Book Of Love Screening

Jessica Biel - Book Of Love Screening

Woody Harrelson - LBJ Screening

Julia Roberts - LBJ Screening

Woody Harrelson, Rob Reiner - LBJ Screening

Director Rob Reiner - LBJ Screening

Director Rob Reiner - LBJ Screening

Hotel Thrillist!

This weekend I shot two days covering the Hotel Thrillist event here in New Orleans! 

I shot over two days mainly focusing on covering all their sponsorship by Modelo, Jack Daniel’s and Take 5 as well as all the Thrillist branding throughout the whole hotel! 

I was also tasked with providing as much content as possible covering the whole event.

I don’t shoot a lot of event work these days but still enjoy the challenge of nailing a huge shot list, covering everything and still getting fantastic photos! It’s an interesting change of pace from shooting portraits, magazine assignments and working in controlled situations. 

I enjoy rising to any challenge. 


It’s fantastic to be hired of the back of personal work.

Several months ago I shot a personal project, ‘Don’t Sweat It’ as a way of exploring some sports, athletics content I had an interest in shooting. I had such a blast working on that and was stoked with the final results. 

After seeing the project Canadian athletic apparel retailer lululemon reached out to me for a shoot here in New Orleans. I shot a series of images of one of their brand ambassadors Mark Berger for use on their site and for social media. I love the aesthetic that Lululemon is crafting for their brand and thoroughly enjoyed working with them! 

It’s fantastic when connections like this happen! You can see the full article HERE

Don’t Sweat It!

My first exposure to sports photography was way back when I first started work at the Press Association in the UK. Editors on the desk next to mine would frantically work on streams of images coming in from the photographers out shooting football games and simultaneously be uploading to our client galleries. The whole process from image capture to publication in the gallery of a major news outlet took a matter of moments! 

The whole process was fascinating! 

That seems like forever ago now, but more recently I’ve been fascinated with another side of sports imagery. After having some great experiences working on shoots with Nike and Adidas, I started looking a little deeper at the editorial and commercial imagery produced for the sports and fitness industries. 

It’s not something I really ever connected with until I realized that the industry was full of content that captivated me. I loved the images depicting determination, struggle, effort, exhaustion, pure human grit. I was drawn to the portraits - the human elements. 

During a lull in my schedule and feeling inspired by my recent exploration I decided to put together a shoot and dipped my toe into something new. See a full set of images here!

So long 2015!

I had a great year in 2015. From a business point of view it was my best year yet! It’s nice to look back over at the last 4 years that I’ve been freelancing and see a steady growth. That’s something I definitely want to continue through into 2016. 

I finished up 2015 with a couple of great assignments. The first was a portrait shoot for Shortlist Magazine in the UK. The subject; none other than John Lydon of the Sex Pistols/PIL. Massive thank you to Joanna at Shortlist for sending this one my way. 

I was really humbled to see my byline along side such wonderful photographers as Benedict Evans, Patch Dolan, Andrew Shatlor, Austin Hargrave, and more who also collaborated on the piece. 

The second was a shoot for Forbes Magazine, always a pleasure to work with! Huge thanks to Sarah for the assignment. The subject, Chicago based hotel developer Ben Weprin. 

Johnny Rotten for Shortlist Magazine

 Here’s to a great 2016 everyone! 

Ben Weprin for Frobes Magazine

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