Fresh Eyes...

I always meant to revisit these images from a shoot I did way back in January. For one reason or another I only just finally got around to looking back through the session. 

It's quite refreshing, looking at something with fresh eyes after so much time. Thanks to Katalina and Thu for being great! 

Model : @thuvo2 
Hair&MAU: @katalinamitchell 
Agency: @fiftytwo45

Alexina Medley, principal and CEO

Alexina Medley, principal and CEO of Warren Easton High School. Shot for New Orleans Magazine last month. 

We were really pushed for time on this one so went with a super simple one light setup. Key was the Elinchrom deep octa, Fill card did the rest. 


Corporate Portraits

Shooting commercial portraiture is something I do a lot, but don't tend to post about too often. I love solid clean portraits for businesses, big or small. 

Everyone hates picture day, but personally, I get a huge sense of satisfaction when my subjects leave the studio after having a fun, relaxing time, knowing that we got a great shot.

A lot of photographers really get hung up on technical stuff but when you're working with subjects who aren't used to being photographed, people skills are way more important. 

Publicity Portraits with Hunter Burke

I had the pleasure of shooting some new publicity photos for the LA based actor Hunter Burke. I've worked with Hunter a few times now and it's always a fantastic collaboration. I always love working with actors, they bring so much to the session and add another layer of depth behind the eyes. 

Simple two light set up on a dark background.



New Site!

Decided to update my site and streamline the content a little. The blog is a little bare bones right now, but check back often for updates and insights. Please feel free to get in touch, say "hello" and let me know what you think!